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I am trying to add a secure environment variable to my .travis.yml file. However, whenever it is run the build fails with the output /home/travis/ line 128: my_secret_key}: No such file or directory where my_secret_key is the string returned by travis encrypt`.

I have verified that my .travis.yml file is valid with the travis-lint command.

EDIT: My Travis build is located at

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Is this for a build on If so, could you point me towards the repository and failing builds, so I can have a peek? Thanks! – roidrage Mar 18 '13 at 11:51
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You placed the secure environment variables in the before_script block, so travis tries to execute it. You probably want to place them in the env block, and all the other environment variables, too:

language: python
  - "2.7"
    - DISPLAY=:99.0
    - secure: "mbnS2lycZn6/7jKjRf7c5yqQtQXYXBqhzy/FzCuDY9se8t3JxrRL6TUMFZcs\nDl2gJTx6pwjl4DqIUqKkS8tjBdy6zgtq1mDwUrxKwKreIHRo1YPl8hvDDJEz\nnMja/tzVoUA4EFdvyK46srklQHs18S2OKMmMQCa921TAFEOIv5A="
    - secure: "iroiS72GhQgKzj7rm+1GoKHkLi4sYXdsdo6Ebe5v6C5lgSBFQ11yWiSQxATt\nxsfzfAF3MyG21lnM/bttUQTP4kJ8DIotLlqmz8+HUYMXZQCZWE9WAfDfDqqJ\nIdeHnet8NuRslJGObkejt/BG8/5Rggbnav9yRhOL3lzeamiVVqY="
    - DJANGO_VERSION=1.4.1 RACK_ENV=test

  - "sh -e /etc/init.d/xvfb start"
  - sleep 3
  - "python runserver &"
  - sleep 5

  - "python test main"

See the documenation for the difference betwwen global and matrix environment variables.

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Thanks! I can't believe that I missed that! – Aaron Hill Mar 18 '13 at 20:50

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