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Considering the answers here and here are not providing an actual solution to the same problem and are more than a year old...

I have a Vibrator. I know how to fully control the vibrator.

I have the following two issues:

  • When it's vibrating and the screen is being locked, it will stop.
  • When the screen is already locked, it will not vibrate at all.

Maybe it's due to the fact I use a custom rom(?)

I'm also holding a wakelock before starting to vibrate.

vibratorWakeLock = mPowerManager.newWakeLock(
            PowerManager.PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK, VIBRATOR_WL_TAG);

Even with this WakeLock i cannot get the phone to vibrate, or to maintain the vibration when Screen is turned off, so i think that it's somehow related to the state of the screen instead of the processor (which is enabled by my WakeLock).

  • How can I get my vibrator to really vibrate independent from the screen lock-state?


I also do not want to use a full WakeLock, since it's deprecated.

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