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I have an excel problem. There are two times in the excel file - "start time" and "restore time". The time is actually in date/time format like this - "2013-3-17 12:06:26".

How can I minus these two times and put the difference in an unused column?

Start time - 2013-3-17 12:06:26 Restore time - 2013-3-17 12:07:57

Answer should ideally be (in a new column named outage time) 0days 1m 31s or just 1m 31s.

Here's the sample file:

I would really appreciate any help on this. I'm not sure if it will require a macro or formula use, so I'm just asking it here.

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The values in the sample file are real date/time values, so you can use a formula like


to calculate the time difference. Format the result with the custom format

d \da\y(\s), h \hr, mm \m, ss \s

or just

d \da\y(\s), h:mm:ss
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