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I have three main parts of a program I am writing, such as this: startwrapper.cpp deviceAcomms.cpp deviceBcomms.cpp

The application reads in data from one kind of device, and then serves up the data to another device using a different protocol (a management client).

startwrapper basically controls launching the application as a daemon, redirecting i/o to syslog, catching signals, etc. After it has set up the daemon environment it calls the StartServer method of deviceAcomms and passes in argv/argc.

My problem is that I am trying to see how the command line options are being stored and processed by the Boost program options library, but when I put in additional calls to syslog, nothing new is appearing in /var/log/messages.

So, does the second thread have access to the syslog calls, or is that something that also has to be passed to the next method?

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Yes, second thread should be able to use syslog. By POSIX spec syslog should be thread-safe and so your problem is likely somewhere else.

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