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I'm developing a remote-control application for Android. I want to be able to lock/unlock the screen.

To do this there are two ways:

So eclipse tells me "this permission is only granted to system apps". I really need this and some other system permissions in my app, as it's a remote control app that must be able to control system features.

From the support page:

Uploading System Applications

Most developers will not need to upload system applications and may ignore this section. System applications may come pre-installed on certain devices and may or may not already be published in the Play store. If you need to upload a system application and encounter an error message when doing so, please contact us. Please be sure to select the Publishing issues and distribution option.

If I'm understanding it right, It's possible to make a system application. how?

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I'm developing a remote-control application for Android

Fortunately, this is not possible, except perhaps if you run as root, or you download the Android source code, modify it, and roll it into your own ROM mod.

If I'm understanding it right, It's possible to make a system application. how?

Build your own ROM mod. Sign the app with the same signing key as is used to sign your ROM mod. Put your app in your ROM mod. Install your ROM mod on your device.

This, of course, will limit your app's distribution to those devices running your ROM mod.

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