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I'm using Python's xml.dom.minidom to create an XML document. (Logical structure -> XML string, not the other way around.)

How do I make it escape the strings I provide so they won't be able to mess up the XML?

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Any XML DOM serialiser will escape character data appropriately as it goes out... that's what DOM manipulation is for, to prevent you having to get your hands dirty with the markup. –  bobince Oct 10 '09 at 1:56

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Do you mean you do something like this:

from xml.dom.minidom import Text, Element

t = Text()
e = Element('p')

t.data = '<bar><a/><baz spam="eggs"> & blabla &entity;</>'

Then you will get nicely escaped XML string:

>>> e.toxml()
'<p>&lt;bar&gt;&lt;a/&gt;&lt;baz spam=&quot;eggs&quot;&gt; &amp; blabla &amp;entity;&lt;/&gt;</p>'
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Something like this?

>>> from xml.sax.saxutils import escape
>>> escape("< & >")   
'&lt; &amp; &gt;'
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Just what I was looking for. Most of my XML handling is done using lxml and I wonder if importing (yet) another XML module would be too polluted? Is there an equivalent in lxml? (Can't seem to find one.) –  Jens Aug 17 '13 at 2:52
This does not handle escaping of quotes. –  e1i45 Jan 24 '14 at 15:42

If you don't want another project import and you already have cgi, you could use this:

>>> import cgi
>>> cgi.escape("< & >")
'&lt; &amp; &gt;'

Note however that with this code legibility suffers - you should probably put it in a function to better describe your intention: (and write unit tests for it while you are at it ;)

def xml_escape(s):
    return cgi.escape(s) # escapes "<", ">" and "&"
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xml.sax.saxutils does not escape quotation characters (")

So here is another one:

def escape( str ):
    str = str.replace("<", "&lt;")
    str = str.replace(">", "&gt;")
    str = str.replace("\"", "&quot;")
    return str

if you look it up then xml.sax.saxutils only does string replace

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