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I'm trying to port a GNU sed command to BSD sed (in OSX). The command is:

cat -- "$1" | sed -n -e "\${/^#/H;x;/${tapPrintTapOutputSedPattern}/p;}" \
-e "/${tapPrintTapOutputSedPattern}/{x;/${tapPrintTapOutputSedPattern}/p;b;}" \
-e "/^#/{H;b;}" \
-e "x;/${tapPrintTapOutputSedPattern}/p" \
-e "/^Bail out!/q"

It works on GNU sed, but BSD sed gives this error:

sed: 2: "/^Bail out!/q
": unexpected EOF (pending }'s)

This is the command after the variable expansions, in case it's relevant:

cat -- "test021.tap" | sed -n \
-e "\${/^#/H;x;/^not ok\|^ok \([0-9]\+ \)\?# [tT][oO][dD][oO]\|^Bail out!/p;}" \
-e "/^not ok\|^ok \([0-9]\+ \)\?# [tT][oO][dD][oO]\|^Bail out!/{x;/^not ok\|^ok \([0-9]\+ \)\?# [tT][oO][dD][oO]\|^Bail out!/p;b;}" \
-e "/^#/{H;b;}" \
-e "x;/^not ok\|^ok \([0-9]\+ \)\?# [tT][oO][dD][oO]\|^Bail out!/p" \
-e "/^Bail out!/q"

Any ideas about why/how to fix it?


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Why don't you remove bits and pieces until the problem goes away? You can probably solve it yourself, the same way we would. – John Zwinck Mar 18 '13 at 0:23
I've been trying that, but my knowledge of sed is poor and I was hoping that someone more familiar with sed could recognize the issue by simple inspection. I keep trying, though ;) – Raimondi Mar 18 '13 at 1:55
UUOC; you don't need to use cat here. – Jonathan Leffler Mar 18 '13 at 6:38

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Try using newlines instead of a semicolons, at least before the branch commands (b) in the statements. See if this works:

sed -n "
  /^Bail out!/q
" "$1"
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I had given up because the sed shipped with the latest OSX is from 2005, but this works perfectly well. Thanks a lot! – Raimondi Mar 21 '13 at 7:06

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