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I have a need to find specific records within openssl's index.txt file, and then sort them based on the time stamp, so that the latest record appears at the top. I'm reading the file into an array, and the array looks like this: (i've dumped the table to a log file)

database= {}
database[1] = "R    140318001552Z   130318002148Z   7D      unknown /"
database[2] = "V    140318001809Z           7E      unknown /"
database[3] = "V    140318002157Z           7F      unknown /"

This I would like to be able to sort this array by the second column, which is the timestamp. I need the latest record to be sorted first. How would I write this code in lua?


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If you pattern is fixed like this, you can simply search for the first number (using string.match) and compare those numbers. Note that string.match will give you strings not numbers. But since the numbers are of equal length, a lexical comparison should suffice. Of course, you could convert that string to a number or even a date/time object, using an appropriate library, if that's necessary. But let's keep it simple:

table.sort(database, function(e1,e2)
    return string.match(e1, "%d+") > string.match(e2, "%d+")

The function supplied to sort should return true if e1 should come before e2 in the sorted table.

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would you mind expanding on your answer to include code to do the string.match u mention? I'm very new to lua. thanks – dot Mar 18 '13 at 1:36
@dot string.match is a standard library function. Simply require "string" at the beginning of your lua file. See here for its documentation and here for how patterns work. – Martin Büttner Mar 18 '13 at 8:30

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