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I have my code here that checks if there is a new post on my image table.

When I have a new post and my timestamp changes, I want a div to slide down saying there are new updates, like in this picture:

Instagram: 1 new photo

setInterval('checkForUpdates', 30000);
var lastTime = (new Date()).getTime();
function checkForUpdates() {
   $.get('image.php?timestamp=' . lastTime
      , function (results) {
         if (results) { /* fade into dom */ }
   lastTime = (new Date()).getTime();
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What's your question? –  MattDiamant Mar 18 '13 at 0:42
my question is how do i slidedown a div when jquery check the timestamp of my image.php page! and there is a new update! –  Wime Dumingos Mar 18 '13 at 0:45

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have you tried using the slide down function? http://api.jquery.com/slideDown/ or animate the height from 0 jQuery animate height

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//add the div with the new post text
$("the conatiner id").prepend("<div class = 'new-post' style = 'width: 100%; height = 20px;'> A new post has been added </div>");
//make it slide down
$("the container id").find(".new-post:last").slideDown("fast");
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