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We have a server written in other technology (not .NET) which supports push technology (basically, can withstand long polling via HTTP 1.1) on the web. We are creating a .NET 3.5 application which is supposed to get push notifications (like a chat) from server when certain event occurs.

Is there any .NET framework for .NET 3.5 or below which works as a client for a HTTP 1.1 pushing? It should support reconnect on getting a message as far as I understand as well as reconnect every two minutes. Can WCF solve this type of tasks?

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WCF does support HTTP 1.1 and there is an async way of receiving notifications described with example here.

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SignalR is a great platform for various implementations of WebRTC. It starts with WebSockets, falls back through server-sent events, through comet, long polling, and I think it may even fall into flash. It does so automatically as client and server negotiate to find a match. SignalR is primarily designed for .net 4+, but How to use SignalR with .net 3.5 has a fork for .net 3.5 which looks promising.

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