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I don't know the technical term for this.I am wondering in Objective C, if it is possible to declare a variable like this:

NSClassFromString(aClassName) *var;


[NSClassFromString(aClassName) class] *var;

Apparently, the above two are not correct. What I want is to dynamically declare a variable. Thanks.

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You should make the ivar of id type, and then make it dynamically typed. For example, if you want to dynamically type it NSString, you can do like this :

id ivar;
Class myClass = NSClassFromString(@"NSString");

ivar = [[myClass alloc] initWithString:@"abc"];
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You'll have to declare var as an id, and then instantiate it like:

var = [[NSClassFromString(aClassName) alloc] init];

The only point of declaring a type is compile-time type-checking, so there shouldn't be a problem as long as you only throw messages at the object that it can handle.

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id is they type of a dynamically typed variable. If you need to check to see if a variable conforms to a particular class you can use -isKindOfClass:.

You can dynamically test if a class is some type with [var isKinkdOfClass:NSClassFromString(aClassName)]

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