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I currently have a rails 3.2 app that I am going to use thin as a web server for. I haven't found a way or know if what I am even attempting is possible which is why I came here to ask. What i'm trying to do is after I start my rails app with the usual bundle exec thin start to afterward execute a ruby file/script to load up another web event based mini application(pure ruby non web framework) that will uses the same server/ data store as the main rails app. Is there such a hook either with thin configs or rails start up configs to accomplish such a thing?


to clarify, the mini application is within the rails app in its own directory, it is not an external app which is why it will share resources.

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Have you tried Foreman? It is a tool used for describing and launching all the individual processes your application requires (potentially covering both your main web server, thin, and the secondary Ruby process you mentioned). You would just install Foreman, then write a Procfile describing both processes to run at startup.

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I haven't, thanks for the the informative answer! I"ll go give that a go and see how that works. –  Julio G Medina Mar 18 '13 at 14:02

Just wanted to come and say foreman was an excellent solution, it worked like a charm.

Cheers! Never used the tool before but I can see how its very useful. Thanks again.

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