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I have one JSP page where i need to show one DIV having HTML from database table field(its Data Entry Field is a TinyMCE). I have to implement more and less functionality(like http://viralpatel.net/blogs/demo/jquery/show-more-link-shortened-content/). I can't do substring as it may cut some HTML tag in between and some tags may remain unclosed which affects my UI . and i can't show and hide based on the height of DIV as font is controlled by TinyMCE and different lines may have different font-size and this may cause last line to be shown partially.

Thanks in Advance.

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after fetching and and during the time of displaying apply jquery truncate plugin but make sure to apply the below property to the div

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Thanks Deepak, I took Jquery truncate API and it works thanks alot. –  Kamal Pundir Mar 18 '13 at 8:51
you are welcome K.P..i'm glad that it helped u.. –  surya Deepak Mar 18 '13 at 9:59

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