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I'm currently integrating the paypal recurring payment process in my website. i used this code

    function process()

    if($_POST) //Post Data received from product list page.
    //Mainly we need 4 variables from an item, Item Name, Item Price, Item Number and Item Quantity.
    $ItemName = $_POST["itemname"]; //Item Name
    $ItemPrice = $_POST["itemprice"]; //Item Price
    $ItemNumber = $_POST["itemnumber"]; //Item Number
    $ItemQty = $_POST["itemQty"]; // Item Quantity
    $ItemTotalPrice = ($ItemPrice*$ItemQty); //(Item Price x Quantity = Total) Get total amount of product; 

    //Data to be sent to paypal
    $padata =   '&CURRENCYCODE='.urlencode($PayPalCurrencyCode).
                '&L_PAYMENTREQUEST_0_QTY0='. urlencode($ItemQty).
                '&L_BILLINGAGREEMENTDESCRIPTION0='.urlencode('message plan').               
                '&RETURNURL='.urlencode($PayPalReturnURL ).

        //We need to execute the "SetExpressCheckOut" method to obtain paypal token
        $paypal= new MyPayPal();
        $httpParsedResponseAr = $paypal->PPHttpPost('SetExpressCheckout', $padata, $PayPalApiUsername, $PayPalApiPassword, $PayPalApiSignature, $PayPalMode);

        //Respond according to message we receive from Paypal
        if("SUCCESS" == strtoupper($httpParsedResponseAr["ACK"]) || "SUCCESSWITHWARNING" == strtoupper($httpParsedResponseAr["ACK"]))

                // If successful set some session variable we need later when user is redirected back to page from paypal. 
                $_SESSION['itemprice'] =  $ItemPrice;
                $_SESSION['totalamount'] = $ItemTotalPrice;
                $_SESSION['itemName'] =  $ItemName;
                $_SESSION['itemNo'] =  $ItemNumber;
                $_SESSION['itemQTY'] =  $ItemQty;

                    $paypalmode     =   '.sandbox';
                    $paypalmode     =   '';
                //Redirect user to PayPal store with Token received.
                $paypalurl ='https://www'.$paypalmode.'.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_express-checkout&token='.$httpParsedResponseAr["TOKEN"].'';
                header('Location: '.$paypalurl);

            //Show error message
            echo '<div style="color:red"><b>Error : </b>'.urldecode($httpParsedResponseAr["L_LONGMESSAGE0"]).'</div>';
            echo '<pre>';
            echo '</pre>';


//Paypal redirects back to this page using ReturnURL, We should receive TOKEN and Payer ID
if(isset($_GET["token"]) && isset($_GET["PayerID"]))
    //we will be using these two variables to execute the "DoExpressCheckoutPayment"
    //Note: we haven't received any payment yet.

    $token = $_GET["token"];
    $playerid = $_GET["PayerID"];

    //get session variables
    $ItemPrice      = $_SESSION['itemprice'];
    $ItemTotalPrice = $_SESSION['totalamount'];
    $ItemName       = $_SESSION['itemName'];
    $ItemNumber     = $_SESSION['itemNo'];
    $ItemQTY        =$_SESSION['itemQTY'];

    $padata =   '&TOKEN='.urlencode($token).

    //We need to execute the "DoExpressCheckoutPayment" at this point to Receive payment from user.
    $paypal= new MyPayPal();
    $httpParsedResponseAr = $paypal->PPHttpPost('DoExpressCheckoutPayment', $padata, $PayPalApiUsername, $PayPalApiPassword,             $PayPalApiSignature, $PayPalMode);

    //Check if everything went ok..
    if("SUCCESS" == strtoupper($httpParsedResponseAr["ACK"]) || "SUCCESSWITHWARNING" == strtoupper($httpParsedResponseAr["ACK"])) 
            echo '<h2>Success</h2>';
            echo 'Your Transaction ID :'.urldecode($httpParsedResponseAr["TRANSACTIONID"]);

                //Sometimes Payment are kept pending even when transaction is complete. 
                //May be because of Currency change, or user choose to review each payment etc.
                //hence we need to notify user about it and ask him manually approve the transiction

                if('Completed' == $httpParsedResponseAr["PAYMENTSTATUS"])
                    echo '<div style="color:green">Payment Received! Your product will be sent to you very soon!</div>';
                elseif('Pending' == $httpParsedResponseAr["PAYMENTSTATUS"])
                    echo '<div style="color:red">Transaction Complete, but payment is still pending! You need to manually authorize this payment in your <a target="_new" href="http://www.paypal.com">Paypal Account</a></div>';

            echo '<br /><b>Stuff to store in database :</b><br /><pre>';

                $transactionID = urlencode($httpParsedResponseAr["TRANSACTIONID"]);
                $nvpStr = "&TRANSACTIONID=".$transactionID;
                $paypal= new MyPayPal();
                $httpParsedResponseAr = $paypal->PPHttpPost('GetTransactionDetails', $nvpStr, $PayPalApiUsername, $PayPalApiPassword, $PayPalApiSignature, $PayPalMode);

    if("SUCCESS" == strtoupper($httpParsedResponseAr["ACK"]) || "SUCCESSWITHWARNING" == strtoupper($httpParsedResponseAr["ACK"])) {

                $recurr = $paypal->PPHttpPost('CreateRecurringPaymentsProfile',$nvpStr,$PayPalApiUsername, $PayPalApiPassword, $PayPalApiSignature, $PayPalMode);

                    echo '<pre>';
                    echo '</pre>';


                } else  {
                    echo '<div style="color:red"><b>GetTransactionDetails failed:</b>'.urldecode($httpParsedResponseAr["L_LONGMESSAGE0"]).'</div>';
                    echo '<pre>';
                    echo '</pre>';


            echo '<div style="color:red"><b>Error : </b>'.urldecode($httpParsedResponseAr["L_LONGMESSAGE0"]).'</div>';
            echo '<pre>';
            echo '</pre>';


i am getting token and payer id etc . its all working fine. but when i try to create recurring profile iam getting this response

    [TIMESTAMP] => 2013%2d03%2d18T05%3a32%3a06Z
    [CORRELATIONID] => 912b6004f40bb
    [ACK] => Failure
    [VERSION] => 76%2e0
    [BUILD] => 5294323
    [L_ERRORCODE0] => 11585
    [L_ERRORCODE1] => 11518
    [L_ERRORCODE2] => 11516
    [L_ERRORCODE3] => 11519
    [L_ERRORCODE4] => 11549
    [L_SHORTMESSAGE0] => Missing%20Token%20or%20payment%20source
    [L_SHORTMESSAGE1] => Invalid%20billing%20period%2e
    [L_SHORTMESSAGE2] => Invalid%20billing%20frequency
    [L_SHORTMESSAGE3] => Invalid%20amount
    [L_SHORTMESSAGE4] => Start%20Date%20is%20required
    [L_LONGMESSAGE0] => Missing%20Token%20or%20buyer%20credit%20card
    [L_LONGMESSAGE1] => Billing%20period%20must%20be%20one%20of%20Day%2c%20Week%2c%20SemiMonth%2c%20or%20Year
    [L_LONGMESSAGE2] => Billing%20frequency%20must%20be%20%3e%200%20and%20be%20less%20than%20or%20equal%20to%20one%20year
    [L_LONGMESSAGE3] => Bill%20amount%20must%20be%20greater%20than%200
    [L_LONGMESSAGE4] => Subscription%20start%20date%20is%20required
    [L_SEVERITYCODE0] => Error
    [L_SEVERITYCODE1] => Error
    [L_SEVERITYCODE2] => Error
    [L_SEVERITYCODE3] => Error
    [L_SEVERITYCODE4] => Error

i dont know where i did wrong in this.

thank you.

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Did you ever figure out what was the problem? I have the same issue –  Kevin Duke May 26 '14 at 12:45

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Your request is missing a bunch of parameters which are required to create a recurring payment profile. Please refer to https://www.x.com/developers/paypal/documentation-tools/express-checkout/integration-guide/ECRecurringPayments.

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i added the others parameters. still getting the same response –  Anooj P Mar 18 '13 at 6:27

I think the procedure is wrong: the second call should be a GetExpressCheckoutDetails to retrive the PAYERID in order to be able to do a CreateRecurringPaymentsProfile.

Just follow this tutorial step by step: https://www.x.com/developers/paypal/documentation-tools/express-checkout/how-to/ht_ec-recurringPaymentProfile-curl-etc

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