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I am planning to write a Metro app using js/html that can play YouTube videos. I reference the YouTube iframe API but several limits(such as there is not 'full screen' button on the iframe-embed player) make me hard to continue with YouTube iframe API. Now I think of another way. That is:

firstly, request to YouTube with: http://www.youtube.com/get_video_info?video_id=[id], the server will response with a long string;

secondly, parse the string and get a url that can download the video directly;

third, create a video tag and set the src with above url.

finally, I can custom a player all by myself.

The method works well now. But I worry about that this way violates YouTube's Permission. Does anybody know about official permission about use YouTube video in my own app? Or where can I find some relative document? Thanks.

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Ultimately, I'd say you should contact YouTube, there's a Help link on their Developer's page. YouTube is really the only entity that can give you "official permission".

That said, the Terms of Service includes the following note:

C.  You agree not to access Content through any technology or means other than the
    video playback pages of the Service itself, the Embeddable Player, or other
    explicitly authorized means YouTube may designate.
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