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This seems to be what I'm looking for but in reverse. I would like the string to extract from the right not from the left. The example extracting from the left is given:

NSString *source = @"0123456789";
NSString *firstFour = [source substringToIndex:4];

Output: "0123"

I'm looking for a version of the below that works from the right (what is below doesn't work)

NSString *source = @"0123456789";
NSString *lastFour = [source substringToIndex:-4];

Output: "6789"

the [source substringFromIndex:6]; won't work because sometimes I will get an answer that is 000123456789 or 456789 or 6789. In all cases I just need the last 4 characters from the string so that I can convert it to a number.

there must be a better way than a bunch of if else statements?

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[ source substringFromIndex:source.length - 4 ] –  nielsbot Mar 18 '13 at 6:46
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As you are not sure, about the length of the string, so you must check it before extracting like this:

NSString *source = @"0123456789";
NSNumber *number;
if (source.length>=4) {
    NSString *lastFour=[source substringFromIndex:source.length-4];
    number=@([lastFour integerValue]); //and save it in a number, it can be int or NSInteger as per your need

Also if you want a quick method that you need to call several times, create a category :

@implementation NSString (SubstringFromRight)
-(NSString *)substringFromRight:(NSUInteger)from{
    if (self.length<from) {
        return nil;
    return [self substringFromIndex:self.length-from];

And use it as :NSLog(@"%@",[source1 substringFromRight:4]);

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+1, Complete answer with exception checking. –  AlwaysThere Mar 18 '13 at 7:05
NSString *source = @"0123456789";
NSString *newString = [source substringFromIndex:[source length] - 4];

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NSString *lastFour = [source substringToIndex:-4];


NSString *lastFour = [source substringFromIndex:[source length] - 4];

which returns you the last 4 characters of your original string string in lastFour string.

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You can use the following code to get last 4 characters from your string.

NSString *last4Characters = [source substringFromIndex:(source.length - 4)];
NSLog(@"Last 4 Characters:%@",last4Characters);

Please let me know if any issue.

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