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i'm building an offline application with Dojo 1.7, using Dojo RDD, generating forms dynamically and storing them in cache. now every time when i fetch something through ajax i have to remove dojo registry because dojo binds widgets by id if i dont clear registry it will cause problem in parsing dojo widgets because their ids already exist in widget registry, but when i clear registry every time it causes another problem. everything works fine but the result content only appear when clicking anywhere on page. same as described in:

Dynamic Elements are not appearing in IE8 until there is a mouse click

but, in this case this problem is with Chrome.

and the solution provided in above url doesn't work in this case.


//in some cases registry is destructor is not called.


        url: serverUrl,
        content: {},
        load: function(result) {

            //destroying widget registry.(before any parsing)

            // here is html processing.

        error: function(error) {
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Please provide some related code so that we can help debug your problem. –  Sir Digby Chicken Caesar Mar 18 '13 at 7:28
but in some cases i just destroy only the widgets that are conflicting. the form contains like 150 fields so that alot to handle manually, most of the time is just call destructor. –  mudassir.siddiqui Mar 18 '13 at 8:02

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