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The .db file is generated from eclipse(android) form DDMS-->File explorer-->data--->data-->package name-->database....? Then select the database and click push a file from device and save it as .db file....How can i view this data base...

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it will possible in emulator, not in real device unless its a rooted device. –  vsk Mar 18 '13 at 7:26

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If I Understood correctly you need to view the .db file that you extracted from internal storage of Emulator. If that's the case use this


to view the db.

You can also use a firefox extension


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One of the way to browse your database is to use questoid sqlite manager.

# 1. Download questoid manager from this link .

# 2. Drop this file into your eclipse --> dropins.

# 3. Restart your eclipse.

# 4. Now go to your file explorer and click your database. you can find a blue database icon enabled in the top right corner.

# 5. Double click the icon and you can see ur inserted fields/tables/ in the database

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Download this Sqlite manager its the easiest one to use Sqlite manager

and drag and drop your fetched file on its running instance

only drawback of this Sqlite Manager it stop responding if you run some SQL statement that has Syntax Error in it.

So i Use Firefox Plugin Side by side also which you can find at FireFox addons

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