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I am not able to create minidump form my process by changing system setting. So my Question is :

  • Will the system create a minidump for a user process when it crashes

    If yes, which setting do I need to configure

  • Or do I have to create minidump programmatically.

  • How effective are minidumps while investigating a crash

I'm using Windows XP, C++, VC6

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You need to programatically create a minidump (with one exception, see next link). CodeProject has a nice article on MiniDumps. Basically, you want to use dbghelp.dll, and use the function MiniDumpWriteDump() (see MSDN on MiniDumpWriteDump).

How effective such dumps are depends very much on the application. Sometimes, for optimized binaries, they are practically useless. Also, without experience, heap/stack corruption bugs will lead you astray.

However, if the optimizer was not too hard on you, there is a large class of errors where the dumps do help, namely all the bugs where having a stack-trace + values of the locally used variables is useful, i.e. many pure-virtual-function call things (i.e. wrong destruction order), access violations (uninitialized accessed or missing NULL checks), etc.

BTW, if your maintenance policy somehow allows it, port your application from VC6 to something acceptable, like VC8 or 9. You'll do yourself a big favor.

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Thanks all for viewing and replying special thanks to gimpf, I goggled on internet and msdn.

I found an excellent article on debugInfo.com This is worth to read :

effective minidumps

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We use Google Breakpad in Firefox, although that requires at least Visual C++ 2003. The nice side benefit is that it also supports OS X and Linux.

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If you have a few bucks to spare AQtrace may be worth a look at. This has many of the advantages of the crash occurring inside the debugger, while running on a remote end user machine.

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I ended up using CrashRpt on Windows (required me to move the whole codebase and toolchain from MinGW to native Microsoft C/C++ compiler), and google-breakpad on Linux.

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