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I try to communicate with a PLC through a DLL (C API interface distributed by the manufacturer of the PLC). I'm using Python 3.1 who is embedded as a scripting environment in a other software (x64 - Windows 7).

I managed to get a few DLL functions working, but now a get an "Access violation reading" that I can't solve.

Information about the DLL function:

LONG AdsSyncReadReq(
  PAmsAddr  pAddr,
  ULONG     nIndexGroup,
  ULONG     nIndexOffset,
  ULONG     nLength,
  PVOID     pData


  • pAddr: [in] Structure with NetId and port number of the ADS server.
  • nIndexGroup: [in] Index Group.
  • nIndexOffset: [in] Index Offset.
  • nLength:[in] Length of the data in bytes.
  • pData: [out] Pointer to a data buffer that will receive the data.
  • Return value: Returns the function's error status.

Structure AmsAddr:

typedef struct {
  AmsNetId        netId;
  USHORT          port;
} AmsAddr, *PAmsAddr;

Structure AmsNetId

typedef struct {
  UCHAR        b[6];
} AmsNetId, *PAmsNetId;

Python Implementation:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from ctypes import *

#I've tried OleDll and windll as wel..
ADS_DLL = CDLL("C:/Program Files/TwinCAT/Ads Api/TcAdsDll/x64/TcAdsDll.dll")

class AmsNetId(Structure):
    _fields_ = [('NetId',  c_ubyte*6)]

class AmsAddr(Structure):

# DLL function working fine
version = ADS_DLL.AdsGetDllVersion()

#DLL function working fine
errCode = ADS_DLL.AdsPortOpen()

#DLL function using the AmsAddr() class, working fine
amsAddress = AmsAddr()
pointer_amsAddress = pointer(amsAddress)
errCode = ADS_DLL.AdsGetLocalAddress(pointer_amsAddress)
contents_amsAddres = pointer_amsAddress.contents

#Function that doens't work:
errCode = ADS_DLL.AdsSyncReadReq()
print(errCode) # --> errCode = timeout error, normal because I didn't pass any arguments

# Now with arguments:
plcNetId = AmsNetId((c_ubyte*6)(5,18,18,27,1,1)) #correct adress to the PLC
plcAddress = AmsAddr(plcNetId,801) #correct port to the PLC
nIndexGroup = c_ulong(0xF020)
nIndexOffset = c_ulong(0x0) 
nLength = c_ulong(0x4)
data = c_void_p()
pointer_data = pointer(data)

#I tried with an without the following 2 lines, doesn't matters 

#This line crashes
errCode = ADS_DLL.AdsSyncReadReq(plcAddress,nIndexGroup,nIndexOffset,nLength,pointer_data)

>>>> Error in line 57: exception: access violation reading 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

I hope anyone can't figure out what's wrong. I'm only a advanced novice in Python programming with no experience at all in C

Thanks in advance

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You're passing invalid pointer, provide a valid memory buffer instead:

data = create_string_buffer(nLength)

The argument should be just c_void_p instead of POINTER(c_void_p) if PVOID means void *. Don't set restype to None (the function returns LONG).

Also pass pointer(plcAddress) (specify POINTER(AmsAddr) in argtypes).

Use correct calling convention (choose between cdll, windll, oledll).

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I tried you solution but it didn't work. I still get the same error message. I guess the problem is in the first argument (plcAddress). errCode = ADS_DLL.AdsSyncReadReq(plcAddress) gives the same error – F. Justin Mar 18 '13 at 9:30
I've updated the answer: use pointer(plcAddress). – J.F. Sebastian Mar 18 '13 at 9:33
Thanks a lot. Error message is gone. I still don't have the response I want from the PLC but that something else.... :-) – F. Justin Mar 18 '13 at 9:41

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