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I am using the MvvmCross framework in our Android and iOS apps, but we where planning on upgrading from the master branch to vNext. I have just upgraded my systems to use Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android. Is it possible to use vNext on that setup, when Xamarin 2.0 does not support portable class libraries yet?

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According to the latest HanselMinutes podcast official support for PCLs was integrated into Xamarin 2.0 last week - so it might be worth waiting for another few weeks before fighting too hard against the current setup.

For MvvmCross itself, I know quite a few people running vNext on Xamarin 2.0 and they seem to be getting things working quite well.

I myself am focusing on v3 - and this is now running in Alpha on:

  • fully on Xamarin2.0 within Visual Studio for WP, WinRT, WPF and Android
  • fully on Xamarin2.0 within Xamarin Studio for iOS
  • but isn't currently working from VS to iOS

For more information, I recommend you track and contribute to http://forums.xamarin.com/discussion/1549/pcls-and-mvvmcross-in-the-new-tools - that will remain more up-to-date than these answers here.

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