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I have 2 tables es_user and es_user_detail, relationship of user.id = user_detail.user_id.

I have defined prefix "es_" in application/config/database.php file:

$db['default']['dbprefix'] = 'es_';

Now, I wrote code to update two tables at once




$this->db->where("user_id", $this->session->userdata(SESSION.'user_id'));
$this->db->where("us.id = ud.user_id");
$this->db->update('user as us, user_detail as ud');

I failed updating the tables. Error I got from here is:

Table 'es_ems.user_detail' doesn't exist

UPDATE `es_user` as us, user_detail as ud SET `es_us`.`prefix` = 'mr', `es_us`.`first_name` = 'xyz', `es_us`.`last_name` = 'abc', `es_us`.`gender` = 'm', `es_us`.`email` = 'xyz@gmail.com', `es_ud`.`home_number` = '898939958', `es_ud`.`mobile_number` = '9841844058', `es_ud`.`address` = 'chabahil', `es_ud`.`address1` = 'ason', `es_ud`.`state` = 0, `es_ud`.`zip` = '01234', `es_ud`.`country` = 'country', `es_ud`.`work_job_title` = 'PHP Developer', `es_ud`.`work_company` = 'pqr company', `es_ud`.`work_address` = 'work address', `es_ud`.`work_city` = 'city', `es_ud`.`work_state` = 'state ', `es_ud`.`work_country` = 'country', `es_ud`.`work_website` = 'http://www.pqr.com', `es_ud`.`email_update_notify` = '1', `es_ud`.`email_event_notify` = '1', `es_us`.`last_modify_date` = '2013-03-18 13:46:22' WHERE `user_id` = '6' AND `es_us`.`id` = ud.user_id

Filename: D:\wamp\www\ems\system\database\DB_driver.php
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Table 'es_ems.user_detail' doesn't exist. –  Red Mar 18 '13 at 8:34
table is es_ems.es_user_detail. I know that. My problem here is, prefix "es_" is not showing up. $this->db->update('user as us, user_detail as ud'); In above code, user is converted to es_user but user_detail is not converted to es_user_detail. –  yajay Mar 18 '13 at 9:30
what is _ems ? –  Red Mar 18 '13 at 9:43
es_ems is database with tables es_user and es_user_detail –  yajay Mar 18 '13 at 9:47

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Without looking into the guts of CodeIgniter, I think that the Active Record parser is getting confused because you have submitted a string with two table names and table aliases.

You have a couple of options:

(1) If you want to use Active Record, simply use two $this->db->update() calls one for user and one for user_detail. You will need to make minor changes to your WHERE clauses.

(2) Hand code the SQL statement as a string and pass it into $this->db->query(), which may be a lot more work.

In my applications, I tend to use approach (1).

If data integrity is critical, use InnoDB as the storage engine and use CodeIgniter's Transaction functionality, which is easy enough to use.

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