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I would like to add two integers and concatenate their result to a string, that is:

Add 1 to $i, and concatenate that result to the string 'icon'. I thought the following syntax would work:

$x = 'icon'.$i+1;

However it doesn't do what I want - it keeps returning the value 'icon1', disregarding the value of $i.

What's the right way to do what I want?

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Try with:

$i = 0; // init $i
$x = 'icon'.($i+1);

If you want to regularly increment $i variable:

$x = 'icon'.(++$i);
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Operator Precedence explains why this is happening.

You can use brackets:

$x = 'icon'.($i+1);

This should do the job.

My test:

$i = 18;
$x = 'icon'.($i+1);

--> string(6) "icon19"
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try this :

$temp = $i+1;
$x = 'icon'.$temp;

You are getting wrong answer because of "Operator Precedence",

Ref this link :

Here see the line : left + - . arithmetic and string

. has more Precedence than +, So your expression will be like : $x = ('icon'.$i)+1;

To solve it either use the method i mentioned above or hsz answer

ie : $x = 'icon'.($i+1);

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Thanks. I thought of that, but I want to avoid unnecessary lines of code. If this is something that can be done in one line, then I prefer it. – Lea Cohen Mar 18 '13 at 8:35

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