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I am able to find route between two points using cloud mode & leaflet using this. http://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/49608/cloudmade-routing-with-leaflet-route-is-not-displayed/

But I also want to find distance & time taken to travel from first point to last point.

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See callback getRoute parameter response, that have field route_summary, that have field total_distance, but I think it's direct distance. So responce also have route_instructions field, that have length item (id 1), that equal to subroute distance (in summary it must be real distance). See documentation: http://developers.cloudmade.com/wiki/routing-http-api/Response_structure.

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you refer this function ... function mapload() {

            var APIKEY = '63ea548e228e44efa4cbe2cc1d82b62d';
            var map = new CM.Map('innerContainer', new CM.Tiles.CloudMade.Web({key: APIKEY}));
            window.onresize = function(event) {
            var resize = new CM.Size(document.getElementById('innerContainer').style.width,document.getElementById('innerContainer').style.height);
        map.setCenter(new CM.LatLng(11.590423, 77.817961), 15);

        map.setCenter(new CM.LatLng(11.590423, 77.817961), 15);
        var directions = new CM.Directions(map, 'panel', '63ea548e228e44efa4cbe2cc1d82b62d');

        var waypoints = [new CM.LatLng(11.590423, 77.817961), new CM.LatLng(11.570621,78.745298)];
                    var topRight = new CM.ControlPosition(CM.TOP_RIGHT, new CM.Size(50, 20));
                    map.addControl(new CM.SmallMapControl(), topRight);
                    map.addControl(new CM.LargeMapControl());
                    map.addControl(new CM.ScaleControl());
                    map.addControl(new CM.OverviewMapControl());


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