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I want to enabled Unicode syntax(UnicodeSyntax extension, base-unicode-symbols package and the containers-unicode-symbols). I don't want to enable per file, that is far too tedious. How do I enable all three in this .cabal file?

This is 2013 and I want to use Unicode, not ASCII.

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Add to your extensions field:

extensions: UnicodeSyntax

in your .cabal file. and also add dependencies on those libraries as well:

build-depends: base-unicode-symbols


Note that althought it is indeed 2013, that doesn't mean you should be using a non-standard Prelude -- these packages have relatively few users, so you risk making your code more obscure.

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Thanks, that worked. It's not surprising there are few users, it's a pain in the neck to make it work – Raahul Kumar Mar 18 '13 at 11:45

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