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One property has many photos. One photo belong to one property.

Inside my mvc controller I'm getting as parameter array of integers. These integers represents id of Photo which I want to delete.

I'm using nhibernate session and transaction to interact with db.

public ActionResult DeleteImgs(int[] data)
   Property p = null;
   using (ISession session = ....)
      using(ITransaction transaction session.BeginTransaction())
         Photo photo = session.Get<Photo>(data[0]);
         p = session.Get<Property>(photo.Id);
         // found images and delete them
         foreach(int id in data)
            Photo ph = session.Get<Photo>(id);
            //remove property from association so I can delete photo
            ph.Property = null;
         //load property now with collection of remaining photos
         // here IS THE PROBLEM, Even there is photos inside collection
         // in debug I'm getting empty collection
         p = session.Query<Property>().
             .Fetch(x=>x.Photos).ToList() //empty?

   return View();


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Since I'm sending just IEnumrable of photos to the view problem is solved like this, instead of sending lazy load property photos collection I'm sending IEnumerable of Photos like this

IEnumerable<Photo>photos = session.Query<Photo>().Where(x => x.Property == p).ToList();   
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