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I'm using beautifulsoup to scrape urls from a webpage. Everything is going good, until some of the urls have non-ascii characters in them.

soup = BeautifulSoup(req.content)

urls = [i.get('href') for i in soup.findAll('a') if
        'keyword' in str(i.get('href'))]

The list comprehension will return an UnicodeError.
So I thought to separate this list comprehension into two parts instead:

urls = [i.get('href') for i in soup.findAll('a')]

urls = [i.encode('utf-8') for i in urls]

This is when I got an AttributeError, saying that the items were NoneType.

I checked their type:

print [type(i) for i in urls]

Which showed all unicode types. It seems to say that they are None and unicode at the same time.

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You must have missed the None value. I checked and, sure enough, there's:

<a name="content"></a>

Its href is None. Instead of printing all values and search for None manually, you could do:

urls = [(i, i.get('href')) for i in soup.findAll('a')]
print [u for u in urls if u[1] is None]
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i saw the '#content' in the list but, when I checked the type it still show unicode. Thanks, i will try this. –  tijko Mar 18 '13 at 9:32

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