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I have been working on a batch script which checks for the size of a file and send an email in case the size is greater than 0 byte:

set V_TMP_FILE="D:\pmserver\Tgtfiles\XLI_stage\f_cdc_flag1.out" 
set minbytesize=0  
if exist %V_TMP_FILE% (
FOR %%A IN ('%V_TMP_FILE%') DO set size=%%~zA
if %size% GTR %minbytesize% (
    %V_EMAIL_PATH%\postie -host:internalmail.usa.xl -to:"%V_TO_EMAIL_ID%" -s:"%V_SRC_TABLE_NM% %V_SUBJ%" -msg:"%V_MSG%" 
) else (
    echo %V_TMP_FILE% is EMPTY

I am getting the below error -

Standard output and error:

h file. 0 was unexpected at this time.

D:\Informatica91\server\bin>if  GTR 0 (

Kindly help me solve this issue , its really taking me time to dig in the issue.

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Batch parses an entire command, even if it's spread across multiple lines, before executing it. As part of that procedure, it substitutes ANY %var% variable for the value VAR has at the time it was PARSED - that is, BEFORE it is executed.

SIZE was NOT set before the IF... was parsed, so its value is replaced by (nothing) and hence the command is interpreted as IF (nothing) GTR 0

Further, the single-quotes around the filename would change the filename dince ' is a valid filename character.

Number of cures: easiest seems to be

if exist %V_TMP_FILE% (
if %%~zA GTR %minbytesize% (
    %V_EMAIL_PATH%\postie -host:internalmail.usa.xl -to:"%V_TO_EMAIL_ID%" -s:"%V_SRC_TABLE_NM% %V_SUBJ%" -msg:"%V_MSG%" 
) else (
    echo %V_TMP_FILE% is EMPTY
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thanks for the help ,i tried using the above, but it stil doesn't work, i am getting no mails even when the file is greater than 0 byte, plesae help . – ruhi Mar 18 '13 at 10:04
earlier i was using this script- for %%A in (%V_TMP_FILE%) do ( if %%~zA==0 ( echo. "%%A" is empty ) else ( %V_EMAIL_PATH%\postie -host:internalmail.usa.xl -to:"%V_TO_EMAIL_ID%" -s:"%V_SRC_TABLE_NM% %V_SUBJ%" -msg:"%V_MSG%" -a:%V_TMP_FILE% ) ) - it was working in the else part , but not in the true part ie when file size =0; can you help me with this one . – ruhi Mar 18 '13 at 10:06
I believe you'll find your parentheses are unbalanced. There appears to be 3 open but only 2 close-parentheses in your original post, so I assumed you were only posting a part-statement. Adding the DO added one more. Try temporarily replacing the %V_EMAIL_PATH... with a simple ECHO %V_TMP_FILE% is NOT EMPTY and possibly complete the list of possibilities by adding )) else (echo %V_TMP_FILE% is missing) to the code I posted in my response. the first ) closes the DO ( and the second the IF on the first line. Test against V_TMP_FILE absent, zero-length & non-zero length. – Magoo Mar 18 '13 at 13:56

How many times have we had to answer this...

Ok, check out this answer that I wrote maybe a week ago. It explains everything...

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