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Am trying to load Columns to JQGrid Dynamically using Ajax calls as mentioned here jqGrid and dynamic column binding

i just did a sample with 1 column. My Column name JSON

"Data":["Airport"]  which working just fine.

and the issue is with ColumnModel JSON below


Itz not working. How do i need to change my JSON so that JQGrid accepts

how can i make it work ??


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I think it just needs the "name":"Airport" part. The parsing error could be coming due to the problem that it is wrapped in items. And instead of a string it finds an object array –  Ajo Koshy Mar 18 '13 at 9:45
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I think that you just use the posted data in the wrong way. Probably you use colModel: result.colModelData instead of colModel: result.colModelData.items which more corresponds the JSON data.

By the way you can use label property in items of colModel and don't specify any colNames.

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