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I am working on API, where by default cookies are used, but also should be possile to load session data by sid.

So, scenario looks like the following:

  1. Client makes a request with a cookie and/or with SID parameter
  2. We check, if SID is defined - we load session data by SID
  3. If SID is not defined - we use SID, that is defined in a cookie

My first idea was to use session_id() function to load session data for specified SID, but i found that this function does not do this - it just overwrites current session id, but does not load any data for specified SID.

Is it possible to load different session in PHP for different SID?

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session_id should do it. How are you using it? –  deceze Mar 18 '13 at 9:55

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You need to use session_id before you call session_start

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