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I have a tcp client program when it initiates a 3-way handshaking with a remote tcp server by sending a SYN it will receive a SYN/ACK from the server,

is it possible to read the sequence number and acknowledgement sequence number of the SYN/ACK packet? if so ,how to do it? BTW, I'm working on linux c thanks!

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What are you really trying to solve? – Seb Mar 18 '13 at 10:34
He's been asked that before, more than once. No response whatsoever. – EJP Mar 19 '13 at 9:04
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Yes it's possible but it's not easy as traditional socket programming. Which hides handshake stage from you.

You should use something like pcap to capture what you need. Or, Raw sockets.

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Use a Raw TCP socket. There is a IPPROTO_TCP protocol option in creating raw sockets. With that, the data is everything embedded in the link layer headers, so you will see the IP Header, followed by the TCP Header, followed by the payload data for each packet received. You need to parser the sequence from it.

Reference to TCP Header Formatter

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