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I want to loop over a backbone-generated JSON-Object in HAML

My View renders as follows:

render: function() {
  this.$el.html(this.template( this.model.toJSON() ))
  return this;

The this.model.toJSON() has the valeu:

Object {name: "E", data_set: "[{"value":"g"},{"value":"b"}]"} 

My HAML Template looks like that:

%script#template{"type" => "text/template"}
    %span <%= data_set %>

How can I achieve to iterate over the data-set, in order to access the two values "g" and "b" and display them in the template.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Inside your view your template property will reference a JavaScript function that will compile your HAML template. Refer to this site for a HAML to JavaScript function compiler

var x = Backbone.View.extend({
   template: Haml($("#TemplateName").html()), // <-- 
   render: function() {
     // now render your template out

Hopefully this works for you. I haven't tested the code but the concept is universal in Backbone when you want to change the templating engine. There also seems to be a couple of other HAML to JavaScript projects out there that you can look into.

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Thx for the answer, I ended up using github.com/uglyog/clientside-haml-js for client side haml. –  doemsche Mar 19 '13 at 9:52

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