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I am not using the AjaxControlToolkit's HtmlEditor because it do not have a direct button to insert images, that is why I searched for another editor and I finally found the Winthusiasm editor.

Everything seems to work fine, but it really doesn't. Let's see that step by step. In the example I am demonstrating the use of a subscript, but the behavior is the same for any improvement of the text (bold, italic, ...):

1 - I use the HtmlEditor to insert enhanced text into the database. I have developed a page that works as ControlPanel and this page shows the existing items stored in the database as a ListView:

ListView preview

2 - If I click on "edit" button I can edit the content by the HtmlEditor:

HtmlEditor preview

3 - So far so good. The issue occurs on the end-user page, the page in which the content is going to be showed for all the regular users of the page:

End-user page preview

I researched on the generated source code in this last page but I can not find any br declared. Everything seems ok in the code, so I am completely lost. I tried to enter the text in an ASP:Literal and an ASP:Label, but the result is the same.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

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Solved. I figured out it was just a CSS issue because although Chrome shows the text in a wrong way, Internet Explorer was rendering it fine, so it could not be a code issue.

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