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Hello the mylyn plugin in Eclipse (Trac connector) contains the option to attach and then retrive the "context" of an issue. Attaching the context results in attaching a zipped XML file to the issue entry in the Trac system. However, I don't quite understand what is this context is. Initially I thought that this was all the opened files and cursor positions in those files. But apparently I was wrong. Searching the net did not help.

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There's doc now up at wiki.eclipse.org/Mylyn_User_Guide for this feature. –  James Moore Oct 8 '12 at 0:56

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The Mylyn context is a collection of "landmarks" in your code. A "landmark" is a source file or method, or resource file that is "interesting" (typically means you have opened it when task was active). This article on Mylyn Mylyn 2.0, Part 2: Automated context management may help clear up any confusion on what a context is.

Sharing the context should allow others to see what parts of the code you have been viewing. If you are having issues sharing a context, the Mylyn FAQ on Team support may help.

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This isn't quite true (anymore - it very well may have been right in 2008). Landmark is a category that's above interesting now. Think of landmark as something like interesting++, but you can also mark it yourself. Visiting something usually makes it interesting, but it can fall off the list. Marking it as a landmark (on a Mac, the default acrobatic key combo is ctrl-shift-option-command-upArrow. Really.) will keep it as a landmark. Landmarks are usually indicated by something like bolding. –  James Moore Oct 8 '12 at 1:03

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