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I'm trying to convert an mjpeg video from .mov (or avi) format to .mxf. I supposed to make this by by libmxf tool, using it's writeavidmxf function. Here is the command I use:

writeavidmxf --prefix outfile --mjpeg mjpeg_sample.MOV

My only problem is, that in every case I get an error about the structure of the mjpeg file:

Warning: MJPEG image start is non-0xFF byte - trailing data ignored

Warning: near file offset 8192

It happens with my own mjpeg videos and with samples from the internet too. Do you know about a way to fix this issue?

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"MJPEG video may be corrupted due to many reasons but still you have not lost it completely. As per my experience, i had repaired my MJPEG videos easily with Remo Repair. I am completely satisfied with this app.

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