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I know that converting CByteArray to CString is pretty straightforward. But how do I do it the other way around - from CString to CByteArray?

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GetBuffer() method of the CString class returns the array you need. After that you can copy it using the memcpy or other similar function to a CByteArray object.

CString csData = L"someData";
CByteArray byteArr;

BYTE *pByteArray = (PBYTE)(LPCTSTR)csData.GetBuffer();

memcpy(byteArr.GetData(), pByteArray, csData.GetLength());
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You need to take into account, that 1 character in a CString is usually not 1 byte.

const size_t noBytes = sizeof(CString::XCHAR) * myString.GetLength();
byteArray.SetSize( noBytes );
    noBytes );

So you need to consider if this is really the intended behaviour.

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