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There are lots of video+audio transcoding SaaS services online, but none of them offers also image format conversion and manipulation.

I'm looking for a service which exposes an API for images conversion and manipulation (at least basic ones such as resize/crop/rotate/thumbnails generation). It would be great if it also will allow automatically push the result to AWS.

The only service I found is http://transloadit.com

It seems great, but before I start using it I'd like to compare prices with other services (if such exist).

*Please notice that I'm looking for images conversion out-of-the-box SaaS service with API. If it provides both images and video transcoding - great! if it's only for images, also good.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!



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Just stumbled upon imgix last weekend. Their documentation page lists examples of commands supplied via the URL, and the full API is documented extensively. Worth a look.

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I just found something similar http://cloudinary.com

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