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So im having a bit off a problem, when creating a new instance off FireFox with WatiN.

Some Info you might find important!

  1. I am able to run this code on IIS Exspress, and in winform.

  2. .Net Trust level is on Full(internal) with admin credentials.

  3. I also set all References to Copy Local = true (i did this after the exeption started taking place)

the error happens here:

  public string msg(string username, string password, string msg, string group, List<string> id, bool test)
        using (FireFox _FF = new FireFox())//nullreferenceexception
           a lot of code

This is what calls the msg:

  else if (RadioButton1.Checked)
           blocker = true;
           Server.Transfer("Done.aspx", true);
       protected void sendmsgtobot()
       msger.msg("username", "password", TextBox1.Text , "159347", ids , false);
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I am stuck with the same error. If you send any URL to the FireFox constructor, you get a different stack trace, but it's still a very meaningless exception message with no inner exceptions... –  NGauthier Feb 20 at 14:55

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