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I have an xml like this:

<param name="ttype"></param>
<param name="tempTxnId"></param>

how can I get the values of ttype and tempTxnId. I tried:

def details = new XmlParser().parseText(response)
details.MMP.RESPONSE //which returns the whole xml itself rather than its contents

where I'm making the mistake?

Thanks in advance.

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def response = '''<MMP>
                 |  <MERCHANT>
                 |    <RESPONSE>
                 |      <url></url>
                 |      <param name="ttype">a</param>
                 |      <param name="tempTxnId">b</param>
                 |    </RESPONSE>
                 |  </MERCHANT>


def (ttype,tempTxn) = new XmlParser().parseText( response )
                                     .MERCHANT.RESPONSE.param.with { r ->
  [ r.find { it.@name == 'ttype' }?.text(),
    r.find { it.@name == 'tempTxnId' }?.text() ]

assert ttype == 'a'
assert tempTxn == 'b'
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