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ZF2 recently updated to version 2.1.4 with a database API has changed

Now the code that I used for a subquery was an exception:

$sub = new Select('md_type');
$sub->columns(array(new Expression('COUNT(mt2.parent_id) as total')))
        new \Zend\Db\Sql\Predicate\Expression('mt2.parent_id =')

$subquery = new \Zend\Db\Sql\Expression("({$sub->getSqlString()})");

$select = new \Zend\Db\Sql\Select('mt1');
$select->columns(array('*', 'cnt' => $subquery));

$sub->getSqlString() ------> Notice: Attempting to quote a value in Zend\Db\Adapter\Platform\Mysql without extension/driver support can introduce security vulnerabilities in a production environment.

I can not find an alternative way to use subqueries. Please tell me how to be, how to use subqueries now. Thanks!

It's bug:

In the near future, I think it fixed.

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Please try this.

$sql = new Sql($this->_adapter);
$mainSelect = $sql->select()->from('mt1');
$subQry = $sql->select()
        ->columns(array('orderCount' => new \Zend\Db\Sql\Expression('COUNT(md_type.parent_id)')))
        ->where('mt2.parent_id =');
            'total' => new \Zend\Db\Sql\Expression('?', array($subQry)),

$statement = $sql->prepareStatementForSqlObject($mainSelect);
$comments = $statement->execute();
$resultSet = new ResultSet();

return $resultSet->toArray();

Reference: "subquery" in Zend Framework2

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I ran into this same issue trying to run subqueries with exists. I wrote up a blogpost with code examples that walk you through how to set it up.

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