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How can I arbitrarily display the same file dialog that occurs from New -> File ? I have an Eclipse Action where I wish to display the project file path dialog, and not the system file path dialog, as seen in this image: Eclipse Project File Dialog

Also there is 1 catch, I want to display existing files too, as I will not be creating a new file, but instead may be overwriting/synchronizing a file. If this is NOT possible, I'll still want to know how to just display the same dialog as is in New -> File.

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To display a workspace file picker, you will need to do something along these lines:

ElementTreeSelectionDialog dialog = new ElementTreeSelectionDialog
    new WorkbenchLabelProvider(),
    new WorkbenchContentProvider()

dialog.setInput( ResourcesPlugin.getWorkspace().getRoot() );
dialog.setAllowMultiple( false );

if( == Window.OK )
    IResource resource = (IResource) dialog.getFirstResult();

ElementTreeSelectionDialog is quite customizable, so you can tune the behavior to your needs.

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