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I would like to use a series of iPads as remotely managed kiosks: continuously running a specific single app, restarting it if it crashes or the device reboots. The controls of the iPad will not be reachable, so I do not need to block any of those. They will all have a 3G connection. I'll also need to be able to push app updates.

As far as I've seen, Apple's mobile device management allows pushing updates of an app remotely. However, there appears to be no option to tell the OS to open a certain app.

I've taken a look at fruitstrap which allows one to install and open apps on a device attached to a Mac, in the same manner Xcode does. However, I can't attach a Mac to every iPad's dock connector. This is probably possible using a jailbreak, but I'd rather not rely on that, as it's uncertain whether that will always be available.

So, I'm looking for any ways to remotely open a specific installed app on an iOS device, using the device's 3G connection, or to configure the device itself to keep a specific app open all the time. Any ideas?

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IOS6 does have a kiosk mode, see http://www.ipadenclosures.com/blog/posts/your-ipad-into-a-kiosk . Not sure if you can update the app remotely though.

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There is a configuration called AppLock which allows you to lock into some app in Kiosk style mode. As example, if you download Apple Configurator you will see possibility to configure it through UI.

Also, in this question, you can look at how to create a profile with AppLock payload.

There are couple of things which are special regarding this configuration

  • It could be installed only on "supervised" iOS device. To make device supervised, you have to prepare it with Apple Configurator which I mentioned.
  • It locks iOS device in specified app (it disables home button)
  • It switches to the locked app when you install AppLock profile.

Couple of notes on supervised devices:

  • The standard way to handle such devices are prepare them with Apple Configurator and manage them through MDM
  • Also, supervised mode limits to which computers you can connect your device.

And one more general note:

  • I have no idea how Kiosk mode will play with managed app update.
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