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My list is:

set list {23 12 5 20 one two three four}

The expected output is in the increasing order, the difference is that alphabets need to be put at the beginning:

four one three two 12 20 23 5

I tried the following:

# sorting the list in increasing order:
lsort -increasing $list
-> 12 20 23 5 four one three two
# Here i get the result with numbers first as the ascii value of numbers are higher than alphabets.


lsort -decreasing $list
# -> two three one four 5 23 20 12
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Do you also want the numbers sorted as numbers instead of as strings? (i.e. 5 before 12) – glenn jackman Mar 18 '13 at 13:02

I suggest wring a comparator:

proc compareItm {a b} {
    set aIsInt [string is integer $a]
    set bIsInt [string is integer $b]

    if {$aIsInt == $bIsInt} {
        # both are either integers or both are not integers - default compare
        # but force string compare
        return [string compare $a $b]
        # if you want 5 before 12, comment the line above and uncomment the following line
        # return [expr {$a < $b ? -1 : $a > $b ? 1 : 0}]
    } else {
        return [expr {$aIsInt - $bIsInt}]

And use it with the -command option of lsort:

lsort -command compareItm
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@glenn: sorting numbers would be helpful too... – deva Mar 18 '13 at 16:20

One of the easiest ways is to produce collation keys and sort by those:

lmap pair [lsort -index 1 [lmap item $list {
    list $item [expr {[string is integer $item] ? "Num:$item" : "Let:$item"}]
}]] {lindex $pair 0}

If you're using Tcl 8.5 or 8.4 (which lack lmap), you do this with a more long-winded version:

set temp {}
foreach item $list {
    lappend temp [list $item [expr {
        [string is integer $item] ? "Num:$item" : "Let:$item"
set result {}
foreach pair [lsort -index 1 $temp] {
    lappend result [lindex $pair 0]
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