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I need to alter the key in an array.

array set sports {
    {dhoni} cricket
    {nadal} tennis
    {messi} football

Expected array after altering the key:

array set sports {
    {dhoni} cricket
    {federer} tennis
    {messi} football

I need to alter the key of tennis from nadal to federer

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You need 2 lines:

  1. Set the new key

    set sports(federer) $sports(nadal)
  2. Remove the old key

    unset sports(nadal)
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is it anyway possible that new key would overwrite the old one without having to execute unset command. – deva Mar 18 '13 at 16:09
no. you could do an array get, change the key, followed by unset the entire array and then array set, but in this case you still need unset – Johannes Kuhn Mar 18 '13 at 16:39

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