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[ {'time':33}, {'time':11}, {'time':66} ]

How to sort by the "time" element, DESC.

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Like this:

from operator import itemgetter
l = sorted(l, key=itemgetter('time'), reverse=True)


l = sorted(l, key=lambda a: a['time'], reverse=True)


[{'time': 66}, {'time': 33}, {'time': 11}]

If you don't want to keep the original order you can use your_list.sort which modifies the original list instead of creating a copy like sorted(your_list)

l.sort(key=lambda a: a['time'], reverse=True)
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the operator.itemgetter version is preferred. It has one less function call for each element. –  nosklo Oct 10 '09 at 13:26
@nosklo, itemgetter actually returns a function that works almost the same as lambda a: a['time'] so there isn't really much of a difference from this prospective. Both methods involves a function call for each element. –  Nadia Alramli Oct 10 '09 at 17:04

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