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I'm trying to dynamically add new form components to a fieldset inside a form and I'm struggling with the checkbox component.

I'm getting the "TypeError: Ext.form.Checkbox is not a constructor" error on firebug. Here's my code:

 Ext.getCmp('component1').add(new Ext.form.DisplayField({value: "aValue"}));

 Ext.getCmp('component2').add(new Ext.form.Checkbox({fieldlabel:"aLabel",
                                     name: "aName"}));

Both components (component1,component") are xtype:fieldset and look exactly the same. The first component, the DysplayField works correctly but the checkbox doesn't.

Can you help me? Thank you

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you may need check the layout of component2. or compare the layout between component1 and component2. Try to set the layout as the same.

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Indeed there was something wrong with the fieldset container (don't know what it was, deleted it and created new one and voilá) –  mikethe Mar 19 '13 at 18:09

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