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I have this code but I don't know how I would add more options to the menu? I need to add two more options. How would I do this? And for this to work does it need to be in the same file as the original bash menu that I am trying to create the GUI for?

# using zenity to create a menu
           temp=`mktemp -t temp.XXXXXX`
           temp2=`mktemp -t temp2.XXXXXX`
function diskspace {  
df -k > $temp  
zenity --text-info --title "Disk space" --filename=$temp  
--width 750 --height 10 }  
function whoseon { who > $temp  
zenity --text-info --title "Logged in users" --filename=$temp --width 500 --height 10  
function memusage {  
cat /proc/meminfo > $temp  
zenity --text-info --title "Memory usage" --filename=$temp  
--width 300 --height 500 }  
while [ 1 ]  
zenity --list --radiolist --title "Sys Admin Menu" --column "Select" --column "Menu     Item"    
FALSE "Display disk space" FALSE "Display users" FALSE "Display memory usage" FALSE   "Exit"   > $temp2  
if [ $? -eq 1 ]  
break fi  
           selection=`cat $temp2`  
           case $selection in  
           "Display disk space") 
              diskspace ;;  
           "Display users")  
              whoseon ;;
           "Display memory usage")
              memusage ;;  
break ;; *)  
zenity --info "Sorry, invalid selection" esac  
done $
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First off, a good thing to do is not copy directly from Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible, if you read the whole part in that book on zenity and menus, you would understand.

If you take this part of the script

function 'function1' { 'code for doing function1'  
zenity --text-info --title "Logged in users" --filename=$temp --width 500 --    height 10  

insert that below the other parts that are similar, this declares what the function is called and what it will do

then use something like this:

          function1 ;; 

the function with an asterix is what will be shown on the menu, the second refers to the previous piece of code to know what code to execute.

Hope this makes sense

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