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I developed a Server/Client application using Java socket. My Server is Always Running as this code shows.

while(SERVER_STATUT) //Server Statut is always true unless the client launches the stop script
        try {

            Socket sockcli = sockserv.accept();

        } catch (IOException e) 

The client interacts with the server and sends a message to the server. My problem is that I want the start and stop the server using a script shell. When the client wants to stop the server he calls the stop script. When the server is stopped he can lunches it again by calling the start script.

The start and stop scripts are stored in .sh files.

Thank You

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You need 2 interfaces.
One interfaces is for clients connecting to your server e.g. in port 8080
The other is to receive the stop from your user e.g. in port 8081
So you stop script would just send a request to the server in port 8081 to stop your server (essentially update SERVER_STATUT)

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I cannot write the full working codes for you, but I can tell some idea.

  • you may want to take a look existing stuff, if it helps. jboss/tomcat/apache... start/stop scripts

  • basic idea is, when your start.sh is executed first time, the script creates a tmp file (yourapp.pid for example) to store the processId. And if this file exists, it means, your server started already, you could display error msg if user starts start.sh multi-times

  • also with that pid file, you could get the processId of your server, and kill it (not elegant way to stop the server) from your shutdown.sh this could be a shutdown.sh -f or killforce. Better way would be, your server listens a particular port, to handle shutdown. e.g. storing some temp file, or do some pre-stop processing depending on what your logic needs.

  • in fact you just need one script, say myConsle.sh, implement what I said above in this single file, and with "switch case like" structure, so that you could :

myConsole.sh start|restart|stop|forcekill|status to manage your server.

hope it helps

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Thank You :) it helps alot . –  EL Kamel Malek Mar 18 '13 at 13:33

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