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I have a site that when visited first checks for cookie "intro" and then if it doesn't exist, redirects it to an intro page.

<?php if (!isset($_COOKIE["intro"])) {
header( 'Location: http://explainasterisk.com/intro/' ) ; } ?>

When the user clicks the "begin" button on the intro page, the cookie is set using:

<script type="text/javascript">
          $(document).ready(function () {
              $('.home').click(function () {
                  scroll(0, 0); //scrolltotop
                  var intro = "intro" //setting cookiename variable
                  var today = new Date();
                  var expire = new Date();
                  expire.setTime(today.getTime() + 3600000*24*365);
                  document.cookie = intro+"=1"
                                  + ";expires="+expire.toGMTString();                  
                  $('.home').slideUp(3000, function () { //slideUp function 

In Opera and Chrome the cookie is being set, but when I click on the skip button on the intro page (that takes me back to the original page), I'm simply redirected to the Intro page. You can see this live here: http://explainasterisk.com/

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if (!isset($_cookie["intro"])) {

is incorrect array name. It should be in CAPS, like this

if (!isset($_COOKIE["intro"])) {

Reference: $_COOKIE

Thanks Brad Christie.

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Obligatory reference to $_COOKIE –  Brad Christie Mar 18 '13 at 13:52
Changed it, still doesn't work. Thanks though. –  atomthegod Mar 18 '13 at 13:54

The source of you problem is you don't have error_reporting(E_ALL); in the beginning of your code (and ini_set('display_errors','On'); in development environment).

If you have it, PHP will display error message that there is no $_cookie variable.

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You might want to give jquery-cookie a try because it makes setting and handling cookies in javascript with expire dates so much easier.

One simple line:

$.cookie("[cooke name]", "[value]", { expires: [time in days]);


$.cookie("intro", "set", { expires: 365);

Your PHP snippet looks fine to me and - if the cookie is set correctly - should work.

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Try adding the path and domain to the end of your cookie:

path=/; domain=.<?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; ?>
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the cookie in javascript is being set with domain .explainasterisk.com

So try this before reading the cookie.

ini_set("session.cookie_domain", ".explainasterisk.com");

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