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I use the plugin Jstree to manage my menu dynamically.

I have custom my tree with some div to display icons and links :

<li rel="menu">
  <a class="js_menu_titre">
          <p class="jsmenu_titre_taille">Menu_Principal</p>
          <div class="jsmenu_lien">Link</div>
          <p class="jsmenu_icone">Actif : icon</p>
          <p class="jsmenu_action">Actions : icon_action</p>

my problem is that when I want to use the function create node, I don't have my divs anymore. My customs divs are inside the link ()

You can see the result and the problem here : http://i71.servimg.com/u/f71/11/07/15/68/arbo10.jpg

I use this function :

$("#jsmenu").bind("create.jstree", function (e, data) {
        "operation" : "create_node", 
        "id" : data.rslt.parent.attr("id").replace("node_",""), 
        "position" : data.rslt.position,
        "title" : data.rslt.name,
        "type" : data.rslt.obj.attr("rel")
    function (r) {
        if(r.status) {
            $(data.rslt.obj).attr("id", "node_" + r.id);
        else {


and for my add button

function Ajouter() {
    $('#jsmenu').jstree("create", null, "last",{ "attr" : { "rel" : "folder" } });
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Try something like this:

$("#jsmenu").on("create_node.jstree", function (e, data) {

html is a var containing your icons code.

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Instead of using .find("a") you can directly do $("li#" + data.node.id + " > a"). I have no idea how much better it is performance-wise, though (it probably doesn't matter in most cases). You can also directly find the anchor by id as Data Meister said. – nonzaprej Jun 9 at 8:32
That's right! Thanks ^^ – sara_thepot Jun 13 at 15:27

You can access the anchor directly by id:

$("#jsmenu").on("create_node.jstree", function (e, data) { $("#"+data.node.id+"_anchor").append(html); });

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